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RUPES Hybrid - Nano Long Neck Kit

Item #: HR81ML/DLX
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    The Rupes Ibrid Nano is a part of the Big Foot family. It is a small handheld polisher specific designed to polish on hard to reach areas. This is the first polisher that can work on small surfaces and hard to reach areas in combination with a battery. The Rupes Big Foot Ibrid Nano can be switched between rotary, 3mm random orbital and 12mm random orbital actions. This extreme versatility makes it suitable for almost any job to be polished. Scratches, waterspots, RDS, swirls, for the Rupes Big Foot Ibrid Nano it is all doable.

    Compact polisher to work on small and tight areas. Switch between rotary, 3mm random orbital and 12mm random orbital actions.
    To be powered with a cord or with battery. Comes complete with pads, backing plates and accessories.

    By pressing the lock at the top of the head you can release the backing plate. You can attach Rupes backing plates in 1.25”(30mm) and 2”(50mm). These backing plates take the Rupes Ibrid Nano accessories like brushes, accessories etc… etc… which come standard in the kits Rupes built for these great mini polishers.

    Rupes designed its Ibrid Nano Big Foot Polisher with a battery (it also works with a power cord btw). Every mini polisher is equipped with a Plug & Play Power Supply which makes it work like other power – corded tools. It also is complete with 2 Li – ION batteries and a charger. Ca 20 – 25 minutes of charging time give around 30 minutes of polishing time on maximum performance. Due to the 2 batteries you can always have 1 on the Ibrid Polisher and have the other 1 in the charger so you can go on and on as long as you need. Switching batteries is easy. On every Ibrid Polisher you will find 2 clips which hold the battery, easily depress these and take the empty battery out while sliding the charged battery in. The Ibrid Nano and the charger have LED – indication which inform you on how much power there is left.

    The Rupes Big Foot Ibrid Nano is designed lightweight and compact to hold it and work with it with most ease. The start – stop – lever is on the handle and with that ergonomically very easy to use. The on – off speed – control has 5 settings (between 0 and 5 which takes around 2000 – 5000 RPM) incl. a soft – start – system.