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X3 Fabric Cleaner & Protectant Gallon

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    A triple-action fabric cleaner formulated to clean, protect and deodorize seats, carpets and upholstery in one step. It quickly removes contaminants from automotive fabrics, leaves a protective barrier that prevents staining, and neutralizes malodor molecules. Great for today’s automotive fabrics, headliners and seatbelts.


    • Function: Fabric Cleaner, Protectant & Deodorizer
    • Surfaces: Carpets and upholstery
    • pH: 6
    • Formulation: Water-based solution
    • Color: Colorless
    • Fragrance: Fresh Water

    Key Benefits

    • Quickly removes a wide variety of contaminants from carpets and upholstery
    • Leaves protective barrier that prevents staining and re-soiling
    • Contains OdorSynthesis®, a proven deodorizer that encapsulates airborne malodor molecules and those embedded in interior surfaces
    • Will not discolor seat fabrics when used properly
    • Ready-to-use product extremely easy to use